Terms of Use

Last updated: December 1, 2023

Welcome to Alias - Currently in Beta, where we focus on onboarding Artists.

Thank you for choosing Alias Platform, the innovative online platform that empowers artists with generative Artificial Intelligence. Alias is a place for creators to transform their real world artistic expression into unique, generative AI models—each known as an "Alias."

Artists can create one or more Alias(es), with the intent of using them for themself to improve their creativity, or to allow others use it/them.

Creating an Alias is free.

By accessing our website, whether you are an Artist or a Platform-User (‘You’), You agree to these Terms of Use (hereafter referred to as the ‘Terms’ or ‘Terms of Use’) and commit to being bound by them, along with our Privacy Policy, our Licensing terms including the Alias Licensing terms and the Artist to Platform-User License, guidelines, and policies made available by us from time to time, all of which are incorporated herein by reference.

[Please note that the current version of the platform is a Beta version - some of the provisions of those Terms are not yet applicable].


If you are an artist who's come to Alias.studio to create your Alias(es), you need to respect the legal rules and policies that apply to You. You must own the intellectual property rights to the Content you upload on the Platform to create one or more Alias(es). Your Content must comply with all applicable laws (in particular, it must not harm third parties or go counter to public order). You enter into a Licensing Agreement with us to train your Alias(es) on your Content and to publish it on the Platform. Finally, we will take a 10% commission on the price of your sales in return for our Services.

[Not applicable under Beta version] If you are a Platform-User who has come to Alias.studio to use Alias(es), you must also respect the legal rules and policies. In particular, you agree:
  • not to infringe the rights of the Alias owner. Thus, you must not use Generated Output in ways that would violate copyright or associated rights..
  • You also commit to respect the Licensing Terms associated with the Purchase of the Generated Output. Thus, You must not use Generated Output for any other purpose than the one you Purchased it.
  • You cannot claim to be the author of the Generated Output or that it is human-generated only. You must always credit the Artist and Alias.



  • "Alias Platform" refers to the online services provided by Alias on Alias.studio, including but not limited to AI model training, publication of Alias(es), and performance of the Services. Alias Platform may also be referred to as ‘us’ or ‘we’. ‘Alias Platform’ is a product created and managed by ‘ALIEN’ SAS.
  • "Alias" refers to a generative AI model trained on an Artist's Content, with embedded rights. This is technically the output resulting from (a) the training by Alias Platform of an AI generative model using the the Content as the training dataset, and (b) the fine-tuning of the resulting model by Alias to obtain a refined model that is regarded as Licensor as the authoritative version.
  • "Artist" means an individual or entity that has rights on and uploads Content to the Alias Platform for the purpose of creating one or more Alias(es).
  • "Content" refers to any creative input, including images, text, models, and other materials uploaded by the Artist on the Alias Platform to perform the Services.
  • "Platform-User" refers to any individual or private entity that interacts and/or uses an Alias on the Alias Platform to generate generated output.
  • "Generated Output" means any content generated by an Alias. Generated Output may be purchased or not.
  • "Licensing Terms" refers to the set of licenses described in the Section 4 of those Terms of Use.
  • "Model" refers to the generative AI model Alias is training the Alias on with the Artist’s Content.
  • "Purchase refers" to the purchase of a Generated Output for a specific use from the list of uses proposed on the Platform Alias, or a use agreed between the Artist and the Platform User. In the event of the purchase of a Generated Output, the Platform-User will receive a Token associated with the act of purchase, conferring rights of use and a duration of use.
  • "License NFT" refers to a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Linked to Generated Output and associated with specific Licensing Terms. A NFT is ‘Linked’ to the Licensed Material when the NFT contains a description of or hyperlink to the Generated Output, and that description or hyperlink is substantially immutable in the ordinary course of operation of the underlying blockchain.



2.1. You.

By accessing and using the Alias Platform, You affirm that you have read, understood, and agree to these Terms of Use, without limitation or qualification. These Terms of Use link to other contractual documents that may, in certain circumstances, apply to your use of the Services. Those documents include our Privacy Policy, the Alias Licensing Agreement and the Artist to Platform-User License. All together, the Terms of Use and the contractual documents it links to forms the entire Agreement.

If You do not agree with any of this Agreement, you should not use the Alias Platform.

If You access the Services through an API, the Appendix A applies to You in addition to those Terms.

2.2. We.

For the purposes of these Terms of Use, whenever the term ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’ is used, it refers specifically to ‘Alias Platform’. ‘Alias Platform’ is a product created and managed by ‘ALIEN’, a simplified joint stock company. ‘ALIEN’ is duly registered under the SIREN number 920 550 670 with registered offices at 78 rue de Provence, Paris, 75009, France. ‘ALEPH’ acts as the president of ‘ALIEN’ and is represented by Mr. Alexandre CADAIN.

By agreeing to these Terms of Use, You acknowledge and agree that Your relationship is with ‘ALIEN’, the legal entity behind ‘Alias Platform’. All references to ‘we’, ‘us’, or ‘our’ within these Terms and any associated documents should be understood as referring to ‘ALIEN’ through its product, ‘Alias Platform’.



3.1. Purpose of Alias

Alias platform serves as a collaborative ecosystem where artists can leverage AI to extend the reach and application of their Content, transforming their artistic works or own aesthetics into dynamic and generative AI models—hereinafter referred to as ‘Aliases’.

3.2. Services Provided

Alias offers a suite of services designed to facilitate the creation, publication, and monetization of Aliases. The services (“Services”) include but are not limited to the following:
  • Creation of Alias(es): Artists can upload their Content to the Alias Platform, which will be used to iterate and train generative AI model(s) with our AI training gym, to create their Alias(es). The platform is built to assist the Artists in the process of creating Alias(es), giving them best practices and tutorials in addition to our iterative AI training gym. Only Aliases approved by the artists are published on the platform.Each Alias can be published in ‘contact me’ mode, or for selected purposes mode [please note that all of those modes might not be applicable at the Beta stage]. Each Alias is a unique generative AI model that represents part of the artist's aesthetic and creative vision. Artists can create multiple Aliases. For example, an Artist can create one Alias per period of his/her life, or per mood.
    • ‘Contact me’ mode: if the Artist selects this option, the Alias in consideration will be - by default - only accessible for image generation on the Alias Platform, but for no other purpose. The Artist can on a case-by-case basis decide to allow for certain usages of generated images after being reached out to by the Platform-User and agreeing to this specific use-case and agreeing to legal and financial terms.
    • Selected purposes mode: if the Artist does not select the contact me mode, the Alias will be published under the terms and conditions the Artists defines, allowing for smart contracting with the Platform-Users whenever they want to purchase certain usages rights. The different options of usages rights are detailed on the Alias Platform and in the Artist to Platform-User License.
  • Licensing Framework: The Alias platform provides a structured framework through which artists can set forth the terms under which Platform-Users can interact with their Alias(es). By default, the Artist consents to the publication of his/her Alias under the Licensing Terms described in the section 4. Customization will be made via the options offered to the Artist when creating the Alias, which include:
    [please note that all of those modes might not be applicable at the Beta stage]
    • Selecting the ‘contact me’ option, which would set up the published Alias Generating Output that would never be usable before obtaining the prior consent of the Artist for a defined use-case.
    • Defining the scope of use for the Generated Outputs, such as whether they can be used for television broadcast, social media content, commercial advertising, or free-to-use applications.
    • Defining the duration of the Licensing Framework Artists agree to for each specific usage.
    • Defining the prices associated with each usage.
The selected choices will be reflected in the Legal Tech technical infrastructure and embedded in the License NFT associated with each Generated Output Purchased.
  • Marketplace Transaction Facilitation: Alias acts as an intermediary by hosting a marketplace where users can Purchase License NFT(s) to acquire the rights to use Generated Output according to the conditions associated with these tokens. We facilitate these transactions and provide the legal and commercial terms set by the artist. Alias platform will make available those terms in a human readable format before the approval of each transaction.
  • Issuance of rights certificate: [this is not applicable at the Beta stage]
  • Royalty Management: The platform manages the calculation and distribution of royalties to artists based on the usage of their Aliases by Platform-Users, in accordance with the established commercial terms. The platform guarantees that a share of credits used for the generation of images will retribute the creator of the Alias. Moreover, published creations will be recorded on a blockchain in order to be managed through our Legal Tech (based on the Remix NFT framework). Our Legal Tech ensures an immutable trace between the Generated Output and the Aliases used for its creation. In the event of a secondary sale of the Generated Output on a blockchain marketplace, the contract ensures that royalties will flow back to the Artists.
  • Community and Support: Alias provides a community space for artists and users to collaborate, share insights, and offer support. Currently, this community space may be a Discord or a Signal channel. In both cases, the access to those community spaces is governed by the terms and conditions of those applications.
  • Platform-User Experience: Platform-Users can browse and interact with a diverse catalog of Aliases. Through our interface, Platform-Users can discover Aliases, generate Generated Output, and utilize the Generated Output in line with our Licensing Terms. To benefit from the Licensing terms, they have to acquire the License NFT associated with the uses of the Generated Output they are interested in. A certificate can be provided by Alias as per the ‘Issuance of rights certificate’ section.
  • Commitment to Innovation and Legal Compliance: Alias is committed to ongoing innovation, ensuring that our platform remains at the forefront of the intersection between art and AI technology. As a legaltech, we are also dedicated to operating in line with industry best practices to protect the rights and interests of artists and users alike. We will then maintain our Terms of Use to ensure to offer You the very best in legal tech.



4.1. Artist License to Alias Platform.

By using the Services, when an Artist uploads Content to the Alias Platform to create one or more Alias(es), the Artist grants Alias a license to use its Content to train the Model, publish the resulting Alias(es) and Generated Outputs. The terms of this license are specified in the Alias Licensing terms.

4.2. Artist License to Platform-Users.

By publishing an Alias, the Artist agrees to the Artist to Platform-User License. This license stipulates the usage rights granted by the Artist to the Platform-User, provided that they own the License NFT associated with these rights. The terms of this license will be embedded within the License NFT generated by the Alias Platform or whenever a Platform-User purchases the right to a Generated Output, as per the section 3.2 of those Terms.



5.1. Registration

To access certain features of the Alias Platform, You will be required to register for an account. You agree to provide accurate and complete information and to keep this information up-to-date. Using the Platform, You will acquire certain rights to images or royalties. Those rights will be attached to your account. Thus, the information provided must be accurate. To create an Alias, we may ask for further information regarding your identity. We protect your personal information as described in the Privacy section.

Your account is personal to you, and you may not transfer or share your account with any third party. You may not impersonate any third party on Alias Platform.

Your account will be linked to a blockchain wallet. We therefore suggest that you take care when creating and managing your passwords.

5.2. Suspension

If Alias Platform suspects or is informed that Your Account is in breach of the Terms of Use, even if You are the victim of a fraudulent activity, and in particular if the breach of Terms relates to all terms relating to intellectual property and third party rights, Alias Platform may suspend Your Account. This suspension, insofar as it responds to an imperative and bilateral imperative to protect the intellectual property rights of third parties, all the more so on the Internet, may in no way be held against Alias Platform. Alias Platform reserves the right to terminate your access to the Alias Platform without cause or notice, which may result in the forfeiture and destruction of all information associated with your account.



6.1. Generalities

The Alias Platform is intended to be used as provided, and in accordance with these Terms and applicable laws. Users must not misuse the platform or interfere with its normal operations.

6.2. Usage restrictions

You may not (i) use the Services in a way that infringes, misappropriates or violates third party (including individuals) rights; (ii) unless authorized by law, reverse-assemble, reverse-compile, decompile, translate or otherwise attempt to discover the source code or underlying components of models, algorithms, and systems of the Services ; (iii) use Generated Output to develop models that compete with our Services; (iv), use any automated method to extract or scrap Generated Output or data from the Services - except if you connect to the Services via an API; (v) represent that Generated Output is human-generated when it is not; (vi) use the Alias Platform in non-compliance with any law that would be applicable to You or the Services, in particular Data protection laws.



7.1. Alias Platform IP

All intellectual property rights in the Alias Platform and its original content, including the trained models (the Aliases), features, and functionality are and will remain the exclusive property of Alias Platform and its licensors.

7.2. Your IP

7.2.1. If You are an Artist.

The terms applicable to your intellectual property rights in the Alias Platform are defined in the Alias Licensing terms and the Artist to Platform-User License.

Alias Platform guarantees it will never:
  • use the Artist’s Content to train or fine-tune any other AI or machine learning models without the Artist’s prior permission.
  • use the Content for any other purposes than to create an Alias of the Artist, other than the ones specifically agreed in those legal terms.
Artist guarantees
  • to be the legitimate right holder of all intellectual property rights vesting in the Content used to create each Alias and to have full rights to license the Content to Alias Platform.
  • that all the Content submitted to Alias Platform complies with the laws in force and applicable to the Agreement. In particular, the Artist undertakes not to submit any content that violates any third-party’s intellectual property rights, that is contrary to laws, regulations or public order, that is xenophobic, racist, sectarian, proselytist, homophobic, defamatory, insulting, or violent, that includes pornographic content, child pornography, provocation to suicide or violence, or that infringes the protection of private life or personal data protection, the image of persons or the rights of third parties.

7.2.2. If You are a Platform-User.

The terms applicable to your usages rights in the Alias Platform are defined in the Artist to Platform-User License. Note that You must acquire a License NFT in order to benefit from the associated provisions of this license. This is necessary to ensure that our Legal Tech can ensure proper attribution and royalty distributions. When purchasing a License NFT, Alias Platform will provide a downloadable certificate at the end of the Purchase process. The images generated by an Alias but not published to the Alias Platform are not governed by the terms of the license. You therefore agree not to use them outside the platform, except for the usage specified in the Alias Licensing Agreement.



8.1. Fees and billing.

8.1.1. Creating an Alias

Creating an Alias is free of charge. You can create multiple Aliases.

8.1.2. Publishing an Alias

Aliases can be published under 2 modes:
  • ‘Contact me’ mode: if the Artist selects this option, the Alias in consideration will be - by default - only accessible for image generation on the Alias Platform, but for no other purpose. The Artist can on a case-by-case basis decide to allow for certain usages of generated images after being reached out to by the Platform-User and agreeing to this specific use-case and agreeing to legal and financial terms.
  • Selected purposes mode: if the Artist does not select the contact me mode, the Alias will be published under the terms and conditions the Artists defines, allowing for smart contracting with the Platform-Users whenever they want to purchase certain usages rights. The different options of usage rights are detailed on the Alias Platform and in the Artist to Platform-User License

8.1.3. Using an Alias

[please note that all of those modes might not be applicable at the Beta stage].
- Pricing table for image generation.

Alias Platform will charge the Platform-User for image generation as described in the table below, and on each Purchase made through the platform involving the licensing of an Alias’ Generated Output. When the Platform-User needs to buy more credits to use the Services, it is referred to as a ‘Credit Purchase’.

As of the Effective Date of those Terms of Use, here are the rates for image generation by Platform-Users (all prices are in EUROS):
Pay-as-you-goBasic subscriptionBasic sub-scriptionPro subscriptionPro sub-scription
First 500 imagesfreefreefree
Cost of an image1 credit per image1 credit per imageOn Demand
Credit costEUR 0,02EUR 0,0175On Demand

  • You may be the If the Platform-User is the Artist (using the Alias to enhance his/her creativity) : In such a case, You already own the licensing rights on the Generated Output of your Alias. Just be aware that it's possible - given the way ia generative works - for a Generated Output similar to yours to be fortuitously generated by your Alias and licensed by an Platform-User.

8.1.4. Artist revenues and commission fee

Artists always get 50% of the image generation revenues.

Alias Platform will deduct a commission fee from all the Purchases made on the Platform. Our current commission fee is 10% of the final sale price. The specific terms regarding payments will be made available on the Alias Platform.

8.2. Starter Pack.

Each Platform-User benefit from 40 free credits as a starter pack (the ‘Starter Pack’),

You may not create multiple accounts to benefit from more than one Starter Pack. If we believe you are not using the Services in good faith with regard to this requirement, we may charge you for your usage or suspend your account.

8.3. Taxes

Unless otherwise stated, Fees do not include taxes, duties, and other similar assessments (“Taxes”). You are responsible for all Taxes associated with your Credit-purchase, unless otherwise provided by applicable Law.

8.4. Price Changes.

Alias Platform may change our prices. In such a case, the prices would be reflected on the website on Your next Credit-purchase.

8.5. Payment through Blockchain Wallet.

[This section is not applicable at the Beta stage].

Transactions and payments related to our services may be processed in a future version through a blockchain wallet. At the moment, processing of payments happens on the platform, and ownership of licenses and aliases is guaranteed through the ownership of smart contracts and NFTs. This modern payment method ensures secure, transparent, and efficient transactions.
  • Setting up a Wallet: Before initiating any payment, you must set up your own blockchain wallet. If you do not already have a wallet, you will need to create one with a reliable provider. Please ensure that your wallet supports the specific cryptocurrency or token used for our services.
  • Payment process: To make a payment, you will transfer the agreed amount from your blockchain wallet to our designated wallet address. This address will be provided to you at the time of the transaction.
  • Transaction confirmation: Transactions on the blockchain are irreversible. Ensure that you enter the correct amount and wallet address. Once you initiate the transaction, it will be confirmed and recorded on the blockchain ledger, which serves as a tamper-proof record of the transaction.
  • Transaction fees: Blockchain transactions may incur network fees (also known as "gas fees") that are paid to blockchain network validators. These fees are not controlled by us and can vary based on network congestion and transaction complexity.
  • Payment verification: Upon successful transaction, we will verify the payment through the blockchain ledger and proceed with providing the service or product as per our agreement.
  • Currency fluctuations: Be aware that the sectionNumber of cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile. The amount required for payment will be calculated based on the current exchange rate at the time of the transaction.
  • Privacy and security: Blockchain transactions offer enhanced privacy and security. However, it is your responsibility to keep your wallet credentials secure and to use a trusted blockchain network.



We do our utmost to ensure that Alias Platform runs smoothly, but unforeseen circumstances are always a possibility. Alias Platform provides the platform on an "as-is" basis and "as available" without any warranty of any kind, except to the extent provided by law. Alias Platform shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of the platform or inability to use the platform. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Alias Platform will not be liable to You for any incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising out of these Terms of Use, or your use of the Alias Platform. To the extent permitted by law, our liability for damages is limited to the amounts we have received as a result of your use of the Alias Platform.



The way we protect Your Data and Content is described in Our Privacy Policy.



In the event of any inconsistency, conflict, or discrepancy among the documents listed below, the following order of precedence shall apply, with the more specific documents taking precedence over the less specific: The Terms of Use shall have the least precedence, followed by the Licensing Terms, and the Exhibits of the Terms of Use. In case of multiple exhibits, the one with the latest date shall have superiority.



In the event of any inconsistency, conflict, or discrepancy among the documents listed below, the following order of precedence shall apply, with the more specific documents taking precedence over the less specific: The Terms of Use shall have the least precedence, followed by the Licensing Terms, and the Exhibits of the Terms of Use. In case of multiple exhibits, the one with the latest date shall have superiority.



Any dispute (contractual or non-contractual) concerning those Terms of Use or its subject matter or formation (a “Dispute”) is/are governed by French law (excluding its conflict-of-laws provisions).




Alias reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms of Use at any time. If a revision is material, we will provide at least 30 days' notice prior to any new terms taking effect via a messaging on our interface. If the revision is made to our prices, it will be made as per section 8 ‘fees and payments. If a modification is required by applicable law, it will come into effect immediately.



  • Notices. Under the Agreement, notices to You must be sent to your Account notification email address, and notices to Alias must be sent to contact@Alias.studio. Notice will be treated as received when the email is sent. By derogation, Legal Notices to us must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, for Alias Platform, Alien, Legal department, 78 rue de Provence, 75009 Paris. You are responsible for keeping its notification email address current throughout the Term of its use of the Services.
  • Emails. The parties may use emails to satisfy written approval and consent requirements under the Agreement.
  • Headers. Headings and captions used in the Agreement are for reference purposes only and will not have any effect on the interpretation of the Agreement.
  • Assignment. We are free to assign this Agreement, in whole or in part, to any company in its group within the meaning of article L. 233-1 of the French Commercial Code. The transfer of this Agreement by us may also take place in the context of any reorganization leading to a universal transfer of assets (merger, transfer, partial contribution of assets or partial transfer of assets).
  • Change of Circumstances. By exception to the relevant provision of applicable law, the parties agree that, if a renegotiation conducted in case of a change of circumstances that was unforeseeable on the Effective Date and rendering performance excessively onerous for a party who had not accepted the risk of such a change fails or is rejected by either party, the terms of the Agreement shall continue to apply without any judicial intervention.
  • Force Majeure. Neither party will be liable for failure or delay in performance of its obligations to the extent caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control or by any force majeure event as defined under applicable law.
  • Subcontracting. We may subcontract our obligations under the Agreement but will remain liable to You for any subcontracted obligations.
  • No Implied Acceptance. Except if and to the extent expressly stated otherwise in the Agreement, silence on the part of Alias is not deemed to constitute acceptance of any other contract term, contract renewal, statement, representation or warranty.
  • Severability. If any part of the Agreement is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the rest of the Agreement will remain in effect.
  • Independent Development. Nothing in the Agreement will be construed to limit or restrict either party from independently developing, providing, or acquiring any materials, services, products, programs, or technology that are similar to the subject of the Agreement, provided that the party does not breach its obligations under the Agreement in doing so.
  • Entire Agreement. The Agreement states all terms agreed between the parties, and supersedes any prior agreements between the parties, relating to the purpose of the Agreement. Neither party has relied on any written or oral statement except those expressly described in the Agreement.



If you have any questions about these Terms of Use, please contact us at contact@alias.studio.


Those API Specific terms only apply in case of access to the Services through an API. In such a case, a third-party connector is giving access to the Alias platform in part or its entirety (for example, to the infrastructure only), to its own artists and API platform-users.

In such an API scenario, it is the third-party connector’s responsibility ensure that the API platform-users and artists are made fully aware of these Terms of Use before they access or use the services.

For the application of this section, any reference to the Artist in the Terms means the third-party connector’s artists. Any reference to the Platform-Users means the third party connector’s platform-users.

The terms of this Exhibit A are in addition to the terms of use. If the terms of this Exhibit A contradict any terms contained in the Terms of Use, then these terms shall prevail if you access the Services via an API.

a.. API Specific definitions

The section Definitions of the Terms of Use is completed with the following:
  • "API documentation" refers to the written material or resources that explain how to effectively use and integrate with an Application Programming Interface (API). This documentation - which may be provided by Alias in a separated and confidential document - would serve as a comprehensive guide, providing all the necessary information for developers and users to understand and work with the API.
  • "Third-Party" connector refers to a third party that has integrated our service into their offerings via our API.
  • "API artists and platform-users" refers to artists and platform users who access or interact with our services through a third party that has integrated our service into their offerings via our API. These users may be subject to additional terms and conditions set forth by the third party, in addition to our ToU.
  • "Automated Systems" means any automated processes or systems, such as bots or scripts, that access our services, either directly or via our API. The entity controlling these systems is considered the End User.
    You: the actual Alias Platform users, meaning Artists or Platform-Users.

b.. Access and Use of Services (API Specific)

Grant of access to API - We grant the third party connector a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable license to access and use our Application Programming Interface (API) subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this Terms of Use (ToU). This access is granted solely for the purpose of developing, testing, and maintaining integrations with your applications and services.

API Key: To access the API, the third party connector may be required to obtain an API key or token. This key must be kept confidential and not shared with unauthorized API artists and platform users. The key represents the third party connector identity and authorization to access the API and misuse may result in termination of access.

The section ‘Usage restrictions’ is completed as follows: If the third party connector connects to Alias Platform via an API, in addition to the General usage restrictions in the Terms of Use, the third party connector may not buy, sell, or transfer API keys without our prior consent. The API must not be used for any activities that can cause harm to the website, its infrastructure, other users, or the public. This includes, but is not limited to, deploying malware, conducting denial-of-service attacks, or facilitating cybercrime. API artists and platform users must not use the API in a manner that excessively burdens our network or servers, such as through unreasonable data requests or excessive usage. Any commercial use of the API requires express written consent from us. Unauthorized commercial use is strictly prohibited. The third party connector must adhere to any specific terms and conditions set forth in the API documentation we would provide. We reserve the right to terminate or limit access to the API for any user who violates these usage restrictions.

API artists and platform user registration and account Integrity: While our Artists and Platform Users might need to register and maintain account integrity in a certain way, API artists and platform users might have different methods or standards for authentication and authorization.\

Fees and Payment Terms: Payment terms for direct users of the service might differ from those accessing your services via the API, particularly if the API usage is metered or has different pricing models.

Data Privacy and Security: Direct users and API users might interact with data differently. For example, data privacy terms for API users might need to address data handling in third-party systems.

User-Generated Content: If the third party connector service involves user-generated content, the terms for how this content is handled, displayed, or moderated might differ for API users.

Intellectual Property Rights: There might be different considerations for intellectual property when accessing services through an API, especially regarding data retrieved and how it can be used.

Modifications to the Service: How modifications to the service affect users might differ between direct users and those accessing via the API, especially if API changes require users to update their own integrations.

API Modifications: We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the API (or any part or feature thereof) at any time without notice. The third party connector acknowledges that such changes may require you to make substantial changes to its integration at your its cost.

Data Use and Privacy: Any personal data the third party connector accesses through the API must be handled in accordance with our Privacy section and applicable data protection laws. The third party connector is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of any data you retrieve through the API and for all activities that occur under your account.

Compliance with Policies: In addition to this ToU, the third party connector agrees to adhere to any specific policies or guidelines we provide in relation to the API, including but not limited to, documentation, usage limits, and technical standards.

Liability and Indemnity: the third party connector use of the API is at its own risk. The third party connector agrees to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claims or damages arising out of its use of the API, including but not limited to, breach of this ToU or any other policies applicable to the API.

Termination of Access: We reserve the right to immediately terminate or suspend the third party connector access to the API for any violation of these terms without liability to the third party connector.

By accessing or using our API, the third party connector acknowledges that it has read, understood, and agrees to be bound by these terms.


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