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Our experts have combined licensing agreements, with the traceability and reliability of the blockchain.




Discover our blockchain-based IP Protocol.

RemixNFT is our IP Protocol. It enables us to trace the allocation of online intellectual property rights in a totally secure way, throughout the creative chain, and to remunerate artists. It is the cornerstone of our generation of trust.Read our publication on our RemixNFT Protocol here.Read our publication on our Web 2.5 technology that enables trivial blockchain wallet creation here.
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Create Alias(es)
Select Creation set

Upload your images to Alias. You only need 50 images. With your images, you start to train the generative AI model on your aesthetics.

Refine your Alias

Let our interactive tool guide you through the creative process. You'll be able to give your opinion, approve, weight, and above all, refine until the result suits you.


When you decide, you publish your Alias. You can create several Aliases. When an Alias is published, it becomes accessible to the public on our platform. It is encrypted on our legaltech.

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Create Alias(es)

Browse through the Aliases on our site using our search function. It works by keyword (car), by need (advertising), by artistic category (manga)... Get inspired

Generate images

You've found an alias you like. How do you get it to generate the object you need? You can keep going until you're satisfied with the result. Our platform will guide you through the prompting process by giving you advice.

Refine and buy

The terms of the license granted to you by the artist are brought to your attention in a format intelligible to man. No chance of getting it wrong!

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